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Welcome to my website. Thanks so much for taking the time to connect. Your time is valuable, so let's not waste it. I'm here to help you establish the plan God has for you; spirit, soul, and body. I work hard to make time management, pivoting, succeeding, and doing the hard things achievable for you. I deliver all professional and personal development information in a way that is easy to understand and actionable so you can make the best decisions for yourself and the people you love. Take a moment. Review my packages. Visit my Store. Look around. See what solutions I have to meet your needs. Read my blog. I want you to be well and prosper!



I signed my first 7 figure contract after completing my first round of sessions with Coach Sarita. I would have never had the amount of confidence I had now if I had not allowed myself to be free from the opinion of others. Coach Sarita has challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone and it has paid off big time. I'll always be her client.

S. Gordon


Time Management in 5 steps


Do you often complain about lack of time? Would you like to recover precious minutes and occupy them according to your needs? If you practice, you can have more free time than you ever thought.

Proper time management helps you live better.

We all have the same number of hours, but there are some people who manage to do a lot of things during the day, while others manage to accomplish only a small part of their goals. They always live in a rush and at the end of the day they even feel guilty for not doing what they should have done.

1 - Plan your goals (to do list)

One of the most effective techniques is the so-called "To do list - the to do list". It will take you five minutes in the morning to...

Stress management for dummies


Let’s imagine the organism as a circuit, a network within which biological, physical and psychic events are always connected. We can understand how a good balance between "body", "mind" and "behavior" is essential to fight Stress.

So how can we find our balance back again to manage stress? Let’s find it out with these 10 steps to stress management

1) Pay attention to daily habits

remember that our body tolerates moments of stress, even acute, as long as they are short-lived. After periods of possible intense stress we find regular and frequent relaxation areas - even if limited in time.

2) Beyond commonplaces, we are "moving animals"

When we do physical activity, the latter has the u...

How to Find Your Strengths


Finding your strengths is not easy as the weaknesses are evident. You are asked to give a speech, but you feel anxious. Weaknesses often bring vivid memories of some past suffering. If you want to find your strengths this is the article you need to read as you are going to learn all you need to know about how to unveil your strengths to use them and be able to create a life that is fulfilling and amazing just the way you imagined it.

But what is a strength?

A strength is something that attracts you, even if you don't know why. It’s something that makes you feel good. A strength involves you completely: when you practice it you are in the flow (as the artists say). Think about the things...

Putting your health first

We definitely need to put our health first to live a better life. When we think of health we think of our bodies but actually, our health is so much more than just that! We should prioritize both our physical and mental wellbeing, how? Follow these tips to make it happen!


Drink a glass of water upon awakening

Drinking water is one of the best habits to put into practice throughout the day. Drinking water in the morning will help you hydrate yourself better, speed up your digestive system and metabolism, as well as promote good skin health. The ideal is to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, preferably with a little lemon juice.

For an hour, avoid checking social networks, e-mails and m...

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is something that can prevent us from getting what we want while undermining our self-confidence and jeopardizing our entire life. Overcoming the fear of failure is mandatory to embrace a happier and more successful life. Let’s see how to do it in 6 steps !

Camron's Test:

Make Room For God…Day and Night


Christian meditation is the best way to make space for God because it is a process that consists of concentrating on specific thoughts, such as a passage from the Bible, for example, within a context that is pervaded by the love of God.

Christian meditation is therefore a form of prayer that aims to make one become aware and reflect on God's revelations.

“By meditation I mean prolonged reasoning with understanding, like this. We begin to think about the favor that God has showered on us by giving us his only Son, and we do not stop there, but we continue to consider the mysteries of his glorious life. " Teresa of Avila

What does Christian meditation consist of

Christian meditation is base...

I want to be a better person! How to seize the opportunity for change


Here are 8 steps you must take to be able to get involved.

  1. Take stock of your values

You won't believe it, but even the best of intentions can't help you if you don't understand them thoroughly. Work on your values ​​which are what define your life and who you are as a person and reflect on what is truly important to you.

  1. Set your goals

Use the diary method to 'read' your inner self: writing every day allows you to get to know yourself better by observing yourself from a more objective point of view.

Research from the University of California has in fact shown that the chances of reaching your goals increase if the thinking is positive: when you focus your mind on your desires, try to imagine th...

How to practice self-care


More and more often we happen to read posts or articles that carry the word “self-care”. Not everyone knows that this concept, to date quite inflated, has its roots in a branch of the study of psychological well-being called "positive psychology".

The concept of taking care of oneself is much deeper than it may seem at first glance and has a lot to do with the position we decide to take in the world. I use the term "position" and not "role" with good reason. We can cover many roles in society (parent, worker, etc.), but the position in which we implement it must be comfortable for us, otherwise there will be an immeasurable increase in stress with consequent anxiety and nervousne...

How to position yourself as a subject matter expert


Experts are one of the keys to success in organizations. They are people capable of making a difference in particular moments, when a specific element of knowledge is needed, a knowledge capable of solving a problem and taking the plunge.

There are many people who call themselves experts and it is therefore good to do some clarity. A true expert is endowed with specific intelligence in his sector, he is the bearer of a unique mix of experience, mentality and training.

How to become an expert

I want to start with what will seem obvious to you and is not. To be an expert in any business sector you need to be really experienced. There are many who define themselves as such and are not, because t...

How to be resilient in few simple steps


One thing is certain: life is unpredictable, ups and downs, twists and turns, novelty. We can make mistakes, be successful, feel joy or pain. Life is a journey into uncertainty and at times it can be difficult to navigate by sight. However, we can make our own some strategies that help us move forward and grow. These kinds of strategies are resilience strategies (which is flexibility, positivity and something more).

If we could observe resilient people we would realize that they have some behaviors and habits in common that could also be useful for us to be more prepared for changes and unexpected events.

The following are 2 habits that resilient people have in common and that we too should t...

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