Sarita Pittman holds many certifications, degrees, and licensures. They include; Certified Trichologist, Board Certified Master Coach, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, and will soon include PhD in Natural Medicine and Nutritional Sciences. She is a proud graduate from the prestigious Cornell University.

To understand the professional genius of Sarita Pittman is to become well acquainted with a thought leader whose acceptance of God’s pivots drives her advocacy for others. Earning a place amongst the top earners in the United States as an executive business coach, personal development coach, curriculum developer, soft skill trainer, platform artist, professional enthusiast and trailblazer in the health and beauty industries, became a reality for Sarita through equal parts tenacity and adversity, shaping her into a woman equipped to handle the journey toward success with grace and grit.

It is her unapologetic authenticity and pride in failing forward which makes Sarita an incomparable champion of like-minded thought leaders, high achievers, and visionaries. Coined as the Lady Wealth Builder and as founder of Atiras International Coaching Academy, Sarita has graduated and educated professional coaches and thought leaders all over the world,including over five continents through her ICF accredited programs. She has led these diverse individuals on unparalleled paths toward success through her own “no fluff” strategy which dismantles excuses and uplifts innate strength and knowledge existing at one’s own disposal.

A triple threat in education, empowerment and resilience, Sarita established early in life the necessity to empower herself and command her worth. In every aspect of career and life, she brings forth tunnel vision to ensure others recognize their own power and never waver from their deserved recognition. Keen to the traditional methods of reaching audiences, Sarita chooses daily to reach back to the community first, followed by the world through organic and genuine connection. She speaks to the pulse of people who find difficulty in giving themselves permission to fulfill their lives on their own terms. In her daily work, Sarita challenges the status quo of success to inspire her clients to profit from their divine purpose, embrace their voice and understand firmly that one does not have to compromise to rise.

Since discovering her own genius and what she calls her “Unicorn Horn” as a thriving entrepreneur at the age of only 18, Sarita sharpened her business acumen to reach beyond society’s limitations, making it her incessant mission to unearth the genius power within the lives of people across background, culture and circumstance. She is a persevering, loyal and trustworthy guide in identifying opportunities for greatness regardless of launching point. As a faith-forward leader, she transcends her coaching expertise to awaken that genius within God following women to ensure their execution of goals so they may garner guilt-free success through her program, Beyond the Pew. Manifesting her every dream, it is Sarita’s belief that God calls for an army and she is a loyal servant in helping others establish their rightful place.

Sarita is a coach for winners at every level, a visionary giving way to untapped territory and a dedicated changemaker who will forever lend her influential zenith to ignite fire within others and open eyes to personal evolution.