Daily Mindfulness to change your life


The complexity of today's world can put a strain on our mental health. A 2018 study by the Mental Health Foundation revealed that last year 74% of people interviewed had suffered from a level of stress that was unable to manage or felt overwhelmed.

To manage stress and build resilience to stressful situations, it is important to know about proactive ways to strengthen our mental well-being. One method cited by the NHS that could prove useful for many of us is so-called mindfulness. There is much talk about it in newspapers and magazines, but do we really know what it means?

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to the present moment, the world around us, our thoughts and feelings and using this practice to improve our mental well-being. It allows us to enjoy everyday life, get to know each other better and tune in more with ourselves when we are feeling stressed.

How can we implement mindfulness in daily life?

Watch your thoughts

Take a moment to pause and collect your thoughts, try to understand how you feel and remember that mindfulness doesn't necessarily mean removing negative or unwanted thoughts. Rather, it's about recognizing these thoughts and watching them come and go.

Get in tune with the world around you

Wherever we are, stopping and attuning to the environment can only do us good. We often tend to enter "autopilot", especially when we are particularly stressed and overworked, and we do not realize that we should do something positive for us. Even if they seem like small things, they are important to break the routine that can undermine our Wellness. The next time it's a nice day, take a moment to enjoy the warm sun and clear skies.

Pause before answering

In a conversation, it is easy to interrupt the interlocutor without listening and really pay attention to what he is telling us. Taking a moment to calmly formulate the answer is a great way to feel fully involved and give the other our full attention. Exchanges of conscious conversation can enrich everyone.

Be more active in your daily tasks

Where possible, try to walk or cycle a section of the road if it's a nice day. In addition to the added benefits of physical activity, you can break the routine, embrace new perspectives, and have time to observe your thoughts. Starting with energy will then give you a sense of positive satisfaction for the rest of the day

Physical activity

Physical activity is closely linked to mindfulness, as well as offering many physical benefits that support our mental well-being. When you run you are more likely to immerse yourself in the present moment, tune into listening to your body and be aware of your breathing. Mindfulness-based practices promote just that . Physical activity can make you feel stronger both physically and mentally, as well as burning calories and training. When exercising, focus on each movement and breath mindfully, full immersing in what you are doing and how you feel for a mindful experience.