Putting your health first

We definitely need to put our health first to live a better life. When we think of health we think of our bodies but actually, our health is so much more than just that! We should prioritize both our physical and mental wellbeing, how? Follow these tips to make it happen!


Drink a glass of water upon awakening

Drinking water is one of the best habits to put into practice throughout the day. Drinking water in the morning will help you hydrate yourself better, speed up your digestive system and metabolism, as well as promote good skin health. The ideal is to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, preferably with a little lemon juice.

For an hour, avoid checking social networks, e-mails and messages

If you too cannot turn off your cell phone or computer for any reason in the world, know that many stressful situations originate precisely because of these devices.

Sleeping with the mobile phone beside you, waking up in the morning checking social networks, mail, messages, etc. it is not recommended because it could harm you without your realizing it. Avoiding the use of these devices for at least an hour after waking up is a habit that will make you feel happier, more attentive and with a mind free from thoughts.

Think about rewarding things

Setting up a positive scenario throughout the day is the key to feeling happy and motivated. For example, you can think or plan to do something special in your free time and do your utmost to realize your project. If you can think of 3 or more things, even better!

Leave the house for a moment and breathe the fresh air

Filling your lungs with fresh air will only take you 10 minutes and will make you feel good, especially in the morning. Going out for a moment in the garden or on the street is a good habit to start the day better

Move and train the body

It is not necessary to have a training session every morning, but moving and exercising your body a little is a good habit that helps to improve circulation, speed up metabolism and awaken the body so that it can perform the rest of the daily activities. .

You can walk or ride a bike or listen to your favorite music and dance as you like. Remember that the music should be positive, cheerful and not sad or with negative messages.

Focus on prevention

AS WHO says, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The drugs and therapies made available by medicine are not the only tools available to achieve this state of general well-being. Another fundamental weapon is prevention.

Prevention is a set of activities, actions and interventions implemented with the primary aim of promoting and maintaining the state of health and avoiding the onset of diseases.

Prevention is within our reach every day: just don't start smoking, or quit as soon as possible, follow a balanced and healthy diet, play sports and periodically undergo medical checks.

The result is not only a reduction in the risk of getting sick, but also a better quality of life. Taking care of yourself counteracts overweight, improves cardiovascular health, that of bones, that of the respiratory system and that of the musculoskeletal system and keeps metabolic diseases at bay and not least reduces the risk of developing cancer.

Prevention aims to prevent the onset of pathological conditions, as well as the diagnosis of disorders before the onset of symptoms or complications, when the chances of recovery are maximum. If provided in due time and manner, prevention improves general health conditions.