What is Kombucha? A mini guide about the trending superfood for 2021


Let's start our mini-guide by explaining what Kombucha is. It is a "living drink" based on tea, slightly sparkling, low in sugar and rich in beneficial properties that is obtained from the fermentation of sweetened tea through SCOBY, a particular culture of our friendly bacteria and yeasts.

Kombucha is in fact rich in bacteria capable of strengthening our intestinal flora, it is antibacterial, antioxidant, energizing, purifying and some even claim that it improves mood.

Be careful not to confuse it with Konbucha though. Many make the mistake of confusing kombucha with Konbucha which instead is a seaweed - called Konbu - which is often used as tea or in cooking.

It is also called in many different ways, often improper. In fact, many misuse the term "kambucha", or "kombucha mushroom" or "tea mushroom".

\Fermented tea-based drink called Elixir of Long Life

Also known as Kombucha Tea or Fermented Tea, Kombucha is obtained from the fermentation of sweetened tea - regardless of the type: it can in fact be prepared with green tea, black tea, white tea and even with mate or in its kombucha variant of coffee - through a yeast and bacterial culture called SCOBY, which stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast.

Just like for beer and wine, the yeasts contained in the SCOBY consume the sugar that is added to the tea, producing carbon dioxide and alcohol, in a minimum percentage, usually less than 1%.

Fermented foods and fermented drinks are generally known for their beneficial properties, but why? The fermentation process has existed for as long as there has been life on earth, it is the same process that the ecosystem in which we live uses to "digest" - transform - complex organic matter into single molecules. To understand how much fermented foods and drinks such as Kombucha are useful to our body, just think of the millions of microorganisms that carry out the tiring task of digesting in our place, breaking complex chemical bonds between molecules, into simple bonds and releasing vitamins. minerals and other nutrients.

The three main properties of kombucha are:

antioxidant, linked to substances contained in tea, such as polyphenols
antibacterial, thanks to the presence of bacteria that fight and protect the drink from external pathogens


It helps the liver and gastrointestinal system in their daily work
It strengthens the immune system
Excellent for purifying the body and detoxifying the liver
It inhibits the advancement of cancer cells
Ideal against cardiovascular problems

To date - given the recent interest in this drink - there are still no scientific studies carried out on humans, but the aforementioned ones carried out on animals and in vitreous give hope.

Other properties

In addition to the benefits of kombucha already mentioned and proven by scientific studies, there are hundreds of articles that list other virtues of this drink.

Fights gastric reflux
Excellent against Acne
Natural anxiolytic
Good for colitis sufferers
It improves mood and is recommended for those suffering from depression
Helps deflate
Fights hangover
Ideal against headaches
Great for those with hypertension
Helps with hypoglycemia for those suffering from diabetes
Improve digestion
Ally of all women during PMS
Helps against rheumatism

As you might have noticed, there are so many different wonderful benefits you can enjoy with this incredible superfood! Add it to your routine and notice how you feel!