How to position yourself as a subject matter expert


Experts are one of the keys to success in organizations. They are people capable of making a difference in particular moments, when a specific element of knowledge is needed, a knowledge capable of solving a problem and taking the plunge.

There are many people who call themselves experts and it is therefore good to do some clarity. A true expert is endowed with specific intelligence in his sector, he is the bearer of a unique mix of experience, mentality and training.

How to become an expert

I want to start with what will seem obvious to you and is not. To be an expert in any business sector you need to be really experienced. There are many who define themselves as such and are not, because they lack the necessary experience or training base. A true expert has also had many experiences in sectors other than the one in which he is currently operating. It is good to put all your baggage in evidence when writing your own biography as an expert. Having worked in different contexts is a value to be considered in the right measure.

Being a great expert is not enough, it is necessary for others to know. Your work must be preceded by the right reputation. For this reason, you must take care of your brand both online and offline. Even to do this it takes time, a good reputation as an expert requires many steps and, on the contrary, it may not take much to cloud it. Your skill is your business card and you must ensure that it spreads slowly within a network of professionals. Relationships are the heart of spreading your personal brand. You have to make sure that they convey your knowledge and experience. The network of your professional contacts will also convey you many job opportunities.

One tool to position yourself as an expert is to use writing in the different channels possible today. For example, you can think about curating a blog and building a fan following little by little. Or, you can devote yourself to writing a book. In these ways you give a wider audience the opportunity to get to know you and like your content. You also provide a solid foundation for word of mouth, position yourself among other experts in your niche, allowing other authors and experts to quote you. The generous sharing of your knowledge and experience will strengthen the trust in you. It is a proven mechanism, if you spread what you know for free, people will think that you still have more to give, even for a fee.

The other way to position yourself as an expert and hold seminars, workshops, training in presence. It is a very effective method to make yourself known live, from the audience of your potential customers. In this way you can give a practical and direct demonstration of your experience. In the early stages, look for all the opportunities to do it, even for free, after a while you will be able to offer yourself on the market as a professional trainer and also get substantial earnings from this activity.

Finally, make the most of the possibilities of social media such as Linkedin, Facebook, Google plus and others. The system will allow you to instantly connect to an audience that you have built with a little patience. It is a powerful vehicle of your brand identity, creating quality content will make you appreciate it from a potentially very wide audience.

Nothing is built without work. Becoming an expert is no joke but with method and dedication you can build an income position within your market niche. Start now, don't wait any longer!