Finding inner peace in our stormy reality


Due to the society we live in and the toxic people we are often forced to associate with, it has become normal to lose that feeling of calibration and peace within ourselves.

Other times the cause is not to be found outside but right inside us.

In any case, when we seek our inner peace, it means that there is something wrong or, on the contrary, we have solved a problem in our life and we need to reflect and meditate.

What is inner peace and its meaning not to be taken for granted

We can superficially define inner peace as a feeling of general physical well-being, but above all of mental and psychological calm.

The concept of inner peace and calm, however, goes even further and also identifies a state of mental relaxation and abandonment of all negative feelings.

Embracing change to find inner peace

Every time we set ourselves a goal or make a commitment to ourselves we think about adding something.

Should we lose a few pounds? Instead of eliminating junk foods we add healthy foods.

Do we need to achieve inner peace? Instead of eliminating negative thoughts, we go in search of pillows for meditation or unnecessary exotic objects.

In these situations, however, we must let go of those feelings that block our ability to reach a state of complete mental stillness, in particular we can:

Stop criticizing ourselves and others

Definitely remove energy vampires from our lives

Cleaning around us; our spaces are the mirror of our mind

Letting go of unnecessary grievances that we subconsciously identify with

Let go of the need to change others

Overcoming the fear of making mistakes and letting go of the fear of others' judgment

Eliminate the need to always be right at all costs

To abandon the thought that it is too late for us

Overcoming the regrets and remorse of the past

Give up the obsession with control

The list could go on for many more lines, but I'm sure you understand what needs to be let go to attract inner peace.

It is not at all easy to let go of those anchors that we have crystallized with decades of thoughts, beliefs and habits, but it is good to start little by little, day by day.

I know that it is much easier to buy a meditation cushion that we will never use, useless incense or a book that will remain forever in the library to accumulate dust.

But these objects will not help us until we help ourselves from within. The most important thing of them all is your attitude, your intention. We just need to commit to our practice, commit to be truly present in the moment to find inner peace and balance in order to not let the frantic reality overwhelm us and stress us to the core. We can do that. We are able to do that. We just need to give ourselves the chance to disconnect to reconnect.