Eating fruit for weight loss


Daily consumption of fruit is essential for good health and good protection from disease. However, it must be remembered that to lose weight, fruit must be eaten according to certain rules.

If eaten in excess or inappropriately, it can even make us fat. And let's not forget that most of it, in addition to being rich in fiber, mineral salts and vitamins, contains a lot of fructose.

Eating fruit all day long, hoping to lose a few pounds, is a mistake. Within a few weeks, when you step on the scale, you may receive a little surprise. What to do then?

What is the correct way to eat fruit on a weight loss diet?

Read on and you will find out.

1.Best in the morning or before meals

Fruit is a food rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, iron, calcium, carbohydrates. This treasure chest of precious substances is ideal early in the morning, especially at breakfast, when we need more energy.

Conversely, if we include a fruit or two with dinner, we will most likely not be able to consume all of their caloric intake and this excess sugar (fructose) could convert into fat storage.

It does not mean that fruit is "forbidden" in the last part of the day, but that, in the evening, it is necessary to consume small quantities, possibly without peel, otherwise the time taken to digest it will be longer.

Many nutritionists recommend eating fruit before meals and not as a dessert. Why? Fruit provides a sense of satiety that prevents you from eating a lot and, by limiting food intake, helps you lose weight.

In addition, for some people, eating fruit after meals causes a sense of discomfort, ferments in the stomach and slows digestion. This is all subjective, but if your goal is to lose weight, it is preferable to eat fruit 20 minutes before meals.

2.Natural fruit or fruit juice?

If you have decided to lose weight, always consume fruit in its natural state and, possibly, with the peel.

Processed fruit and fruit juices usually contain too much sugar, not to mention that, in this way, most of its fiber content is lost, which are valuable for preventing constipation and purifying the body.

However, if in some moments it seems “tiring” to consume whole fruit and you prefer it in the form of juice, try it at home, without adding sugar: leave it natural.

If possible, use the centrifuge and include the peel, for example with pears and apples. Yummy and ideal for losing weight.

3.What is the ideal fruit for losing weight?

There is no better fruit than others, they are all healthy and each contains important elements for our well-being, such as vitamins and mineral salts.

The secret to losing weight by eating fruit is to consume it in a balanced and varied way: not only pineapple or lemon throughout the day, but alternating with other types of fruit.

To sum up, the ideal way to eat fruit is early in the day and before meals, preferably whole and not in juice, with the exception of lemon that you can drink mixed with a glass of water.

Having clarified this point, the most suitable fruit for those who want to lose weight is the following:



Green apple







Black grapes



Enjoy these delicious fruits, eat them with balance and don't forget to do some exercise every day!