How to be resilient in few simple steps


One thing is certain: life is unpredictable, ups and downs, twists and turns, novelty. We can make mistakes, be successful, feel joy or pain. Life is a journey into uncertainty and at times it can be difficult to navigate by sight. However, we can make our own some strategies that help us move forward and grow. These kinds of strategies are resilience strategies (which is flexibility, positivity and something more).

If we could observe resilient people we would realize that they have some behaviors and habits in common that could also be useful for us to be more prepared for changes and unexpected events.

The following are 2 habits that resilient people have in common and that we too should t...

Give yourself permission to win


It can be a good grade taken in an exam, a work project that has brought the desired results, an important personal goal, even a solid and loving couple relationship: the point is that, regardless of how has been built, the emotion that accompanies these situations is a mixture of dissatisfaction, discontent and indifference.

If you've stopped reading this post, my words probably sound familiar to you. Perhaps you too, in the face of an alleged success of yours, pause more to think about what you could have done more or better in that situation, than about what you are actually experiencing or what you have really achieved.

This is also the reason why you tend to project your thoughts more on...

Finding inner peace in our stormy reality


Due to the society we live in and the toxic people we are often forced to associate with, it has become normal to lose that feeling of calibration and peace within ourselves.

Other times the cause is not to be found outside but right inside us.

In any case, when we seek our inner peace, it means that there is something wrong or, on the contrary, we have solved a problem in our life and we need to reflect and meditate.

What is inner peace and its meaning not to be taken for granted

We can superficially define inner peace as a feeling of general physical well-being, but above all of mental and psychological calm.

The concept of inner peace and calm, however, goes even further and also identifies a...

Building a business during a pandemic


The top priority for those who manage a company today is to protect the health and safety of the people who work there. For this reason, many companies enabled to activate smart working immediately encouraged and implemented the possibility of working remotely, thus avoiding unnecessary travel to reduce risks.

Smart working has long since entered various Italian organizations, but never in such an extensive and prolonged way. CEOs today find themselves having to lead a 'digital workforce', teams of people who do not share a physical space and who work together thanks to the means made available by technology and innovation, but without any physical contact. It is certainly a rather complex c...

Eating fruit for weight loss


Daily consumption of fruit is essential for good health and good protection from disease. However, it must be remembered that to lose weight, fruit must be eaten according to certain rules.

If eaten in excess or inappropriately, it can even make us fat. And let's not forget that most of it, in addition to being rich in fiber, mineral salts and vitamins, contains a lot of fructose.

Eating fruit all day long, hoping to lose a few pounds, is a mistake. Within a few weeks, when you step on the scale, you may receive a little surprise. What to do then?

What is the correct way to eat fruit on a weight loss diet?

Read on and you will find out.

1.Best in the morning or before meals

Fruit is a food rich i...

Building a business you love


One of the secrets to happiness is doing a job you love, that you are passionate about. A job you want to do, rather than one you have to do. Why? Because we spend most of our lives working and doing something we love is what can bring us both satisfaction and happiness.

First of all, you need to find something you like.

Here's what you need to know to find the job you love:

1. It won't come to you. You need to look for it! - you have to be the one to look for him. Doing the same old things every day is not the way to find the job you really want.

2. You can't stop looking for it until you've found it.

3. You will have to look for it in many fun places. Explore. Experiment with new hobbies. Tal...