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This holistic intensive will birth the personal freedom needed to unlock your confidence that's tied to authentic, guilt-free, abundant sales. Each session is tailored towards your zone of genius which makes selling unnecessary. You'll complete this program mindfully positioned and immersed in fruitful communication that attracts your target customer and repels anything other than your perfect fit. God desires for you to be in good health and prosper, even as your soul prospers. If you are done with dimming your light, struggling with the feeling of selling failure, and being on the hamster wheel of chase this program is your pathway to your unscripted selling technique.

Selling God's Way Program

Investment: $5000

Duration: 4 one hour weekly sessions. Sessions are held on Tuesdays only and Thursdays only. A booked Up Session is required beforeĀ enrolling.

Deliverables: A Mindfully Positioned, Authentic Selling Methodology

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