This Program has enhanced acquired skills and taught me how to reach, teach, and empower.

J. Riley

 I have never experienced such an interactive learning environment. The curriculum was great and now I am ready to serve. I would highly recommend this program to others

L. Simon

Atiras International has afforded me the opportunity to become a better coach by validating the values and principles that I already use when working with my clients. It doesn’t matter the type of coach you are striving to be, you can expect the interactive sessions with experienced instructors to strengthen your skills and even add new abilities. Atiras accelerated program can help you earn your coaching certification in no time! Give yourself the gift of becoming the certified coach you’ve always wanted to be.

F. Molina

One week after completing a monetizing session with Coach Sarita, I signed my first 5 figure contract. Two weeks later I signed another one. I had so much confidence and clarity after my session was done. I would highly recommend her program and services to anyone that's ready to increase the profits. 

S. Franchon

I signed my first 7 figure contract after completing my first round of sessions with Coach Sarita. I would have never had the amount of confidence I had now if I had not allowed myself to be free from the opinion of others. Coach Sarita has challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone and it has paid off big time. I'll always be her client. 

S. Gordon

I have gained so much clarity and improved the structure of my business by simply following Coach Sarita's Monetize Your Way to Millions System. She never pressured me to do things my way. However, she asked me the hard questions that provoked me to take action.

D. Travis