Make Room For God…Day and Night


Christian meditation is the best way to make space for God because it is a process that consists of concentrating on specific thoughts, such as a passage from the Bible, for example, within a context that is pervaded by the love of God.

Christian meditation is therefore a form of prayer that aims to make one become aware and reflect on God's revelations.

“By meditation I mean prolonged reasoning with understanding, like this. We begin to think about the favor that God has showered on us by giving us his only Son, and we do not stop there, but we continue to consider the mysteries of his glorious life. " Teresa of Avila

What does Christian meditation consist of

Christian meditation is based on three fundamental assumptions. In the first place, Christian meditation is based on the Bible and not like other types of meditation which instead focus their attention on mantras. The second presupposition is that it is an act of response to the love of God. In Christian meditation this personal relationship based on the love of God is exalted. The third presupposition is that Christian meditation is a praise of God, an act of praise to which they bring biblical revelations and God's love.

Christian meditation clearly shows two aspects of God's love: obedience and devotion, we meditate to bring joy to God's heart and not to obtain favors from it. The Holy Spirit seems to have an important role in Christian meditation, helping those who meditate to understand the deeper meaning of the word of God, helping them to understand it better.

Difference with other types of meditation

Christian meditation is different from other meditations such as those of the Eastern religions which aim to push the meditator to free their mind.

In Christian meditation, on the other hand, one fills one's mind with God, with his word, with thoughts connected to the passages of the Bible with the ultimate aim of increasing the personal relationship based on the love of God. For devotees, Christian meditation, as opposed to forms meditative that lead to focus on oneself, it is an exit from one's self towards altruism.

Christian meditation is an important element to deepen one's knowledge of Jesus Christ in depth and to love him. Christian meditation can be done by repeating the mantra maranàtha, it is the most ancient Christian prayer and means: "Come to me God".

To have the desired effect, Christian meditation should be born spontaneously as an individual outpouring for the love of God or it can also be done through the reading in church or in private of a passage from a sacred text to understand and then try to put in place in the course of your day.

Other things to do to make space for God

Try to live your life honoring it. Spend more time outside in nature acknowledging all the incredible gifts God sent to us starting from the tiniest things like a sunny day, nature around us and then turn your attention inward focusing on what you have and what blessings you have. This is the best way to let God in, to make some space for the highest for of connection we know: the one with God.